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  5. "Kaza mkanda wako"

"Kaza mkanda wako"

Translation:Tighten your belt

October 29, 2017



Verb - kukaza - I guess that it is causative from kaa. The translation is : 1 fasten, tighten, make tighter, close, compress

2 emphasize, highlight, give emphasis to

3 fix

Passive form from kukaza is kukazwa - be emphasized


If this is the causative form, then what's the verb root?


My guess is that it's a fairly old causative form of -kaa, meaning "to make stay" and the meaning has changed over time to mean "to fasten", "affix", "make firm".

There is another causative form from -kaa, which is -kalisha, meaning "to settle (someone/something)", "to seat (someone/something)".


In my dictionary I don't see the innovative translations of "kukaa" which you wrote :)

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