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"I speak Korean to that extent."

Translation:저는 저만큼 한국어를 합니다.

October 30, 2017



What is the different between 그만큼 and 저만큼? Both are "that extent'


저만큼 is farther than 그만큼


Does it matter if you switch the order of 저만큼 and 한국어를?

So instead of 저는 저만큼 한국어를 합니다, it would be 저는 한국어를 저만큼 합니다?


I think it can also be 말합니다


When it comes to speaking a language you only use 하다/합니다


하다 is "to do" so no you don't solely use it for this. 말하다 does mean "to speak"


is there big difference between 저는 저만큼 한국어를 합니다 and 저는 한국어를 저만큼 합니다? it wasn't marked wrong but still, i wonder if someone could elaborate on the word order here


I've read on this forum a lot that word order is more for emphasis.

"저는 저만큼 한국어를 합니다" I think would be like "To that extent, I speak Korean," where the focus is that you are speaking Korean.

"저는 한국어를 저만큼 합니다" then, would be like "I speak Korean, to that extent," where the focus is on how much you speak Korean.

This is just my layman's take on it. If someone has a better explanation, feel free to correct me.


Can someone explain me what do that means ? I'm not a native english speaker so...


Suppose someone says to you: "I speak a bit of Korean." You could reply back with this sentence: "I speak Korean to that extent."

You would be trying to say that you can also speak some Korean as well.


흠 먼가 잘못돌아가는것같구만

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