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Streak won't display

Hey. I have a streak of four days. But it won't display. Anyone know de reason?

October 30, 2017



Hi Cluney,

I've noticed the last days that duo very slowly refreshes. So I made some unites on my tablet but then I decided to change to the pc. When I wanted to have a look on my progression (I use Android). It took me serveral times refreshing and clicking around in the Android-App Duolingo to see my progress of the weekend-challenge (only in Android) and to see if I made my streak.

reverse there was the same problem.

So please refresh and click around. Make sure you gave the programm enough time to sync your progress. If you only used one device please report it.

best regards Angel


I only use one device so I'll go to 'Troubleshooting' and report. Thanks. Is it just I that doesn't see the streak. Do you see a '4(fire)' next to my German? Or even three cause I don't see any streak so unless it's taking 4 days to update... I think a problem.


I don't see a streak behind your name either, but I do see it on your profile page. I've seen/heard more people with this problem. I think it's all related to the forum "upgrade" they did the other day, after which the forum has been very glitchy. Not only the streaks have issues, but also the vote & comments counts and the amount of lingots people have donated. It'll probably get sorted out sooner or later (knowing Duo probably later).

Main thing is your profile shows the streak so as long as you get the bonuses for the streak (wagers/10-day-streaks) you should be ok =p

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