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Will Latin ever be on duolingo?

I have seen a lot of people interested in learning Latin. I am also interested in learning Latin for a various amount of reasons and is a good structure to have for learning other (related) languages.

If you want to start learning Latin now. https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8053459

October 30, 2017



I believe it will come, some day. Meanwhile, I strongly recommend "Lingua latina per se illustrata" by Hans Ørberg. it is totally amazing!


Seconded. This is the best beginner's resource available.


Thank you I will check it out.


Yes. When? No one knows.


This is the last pronouncement on the matter that I know of.

The Memrise Sentences "course" mentioned in the link you gave is worth doing, although sometimes it can be frustrating because the word order variations allowed are inconsistent.


We can never be sure but there is a good chance that it will happen one day

[deactivated user]

    I'm waiting for it my whole life (being dramatic) but really, it's one of the most importante languages even if it's considered dead.. I want so much to learn latin with Duolingo, currently I'm learning with the Wheelock's Latin and LINGVA LATINA.


    Latin would be awesome to see on here. ;D I got close to fluency by age 13, but I have lost much of it since then. It made learning french a breeze, but now that is slipping my mind too. Thank goodness for this awesome app so I can recoup my lost languages. :D And gain some new ones... (Russian is probably the hardest one I've tried so far :P )


    I fear most people do not realise how difficult a Latin DL course would be. Which pronunciation would you use, reconstructed or ecclesiastical? Reconstructed might seem the obvious answer for a lot of Anglophones, but remember that Romance speakers, who have a special connection with their Roman past, would find the reconstructed pronunciation of an American just too cringy to get accustomed to. Turning off the microphone might of course be an option, but I feel that in order for such a course to really work, they might have to add both ways of pronunciation.


    I know this is an unpopular opinion, but I dont think latin should be on Duolingo and its quite an unrealistic request.

    You're going to say "oh, but it gives you a pathway to learning more languages" but honestly, why learn latin when you could learn languages that are endangered or at least in use.. You could just learn the language(s) you want to learn right away..

    Plus, there is no audio and most who know latin wouldn't waste their time making a latin course for duolingo..

    Im interested if anyone tries to back their case on why latin should be on duolingo...


    I hope it will come.


    It will, no one knows when.


    Yes, it would be interesting to be able to understand the stories written by classic authors, reading the original version is always charming.


    Latin would work very well on Duolingo, since our Keyboards already use the Latin alphabet, so it'd be easy to type. It's also grammatically very simple, which would make learning easier than a lot of modern languages


    Grammatically simple??? Latin??? Now, I love Latin, but for the speaker of a non-inflectional word-order-heavy modern language, one thing it's just not is simple.


    yeah duolingo! please do latin!!! my latin course is going to end in January due to people not doing it! I have to finish it by then! theres thirty chapters in there and I'm only on chapter 15!!!

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