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150 strikes

No doubt that 100 or 1000 strikes are more attractive than my humble 150 strikes. Yet,I found it a chance to say something about language acquisition. One day,I applied for TOEFL,and for my surprise,the report of my performance did not reach me at all inspite that the exam was inside the american university at Cairo.Also,TOEFL score and profile became a prerequiste for many universities before accepting overseas applications. Contrary to that picture,the Canadian TESOL ( teacher of english for speakers of other languages) give a courseware and ask applicants to send assignments over two or three weeks before estimating pass or fail score.Also TOEFL needs recertification while TESOL do not need. Apparently,science monopoly and money seeking disturbed the honesty of many science centers.I took some online workshops with Harvard and I took some online workshops with some indian companies.The indian ones are better designed,less in cost while that of harvard has uncertain time schedule and some mistakes in processing ( password ,username,etc...). Here,I find my self obliged to raise the hat to Duolingo who conqured BABBEL web site technically and alleviate customers'financial tension !

October 30, 2017


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