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Help, please.

Hello. I'm studying english and I have a little question.. When I can use "by" in a sentences or context ? And what is the different between at, in, on. Please. Thank you.

October 30, 2017

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At, in, and on are to describe various states that something is in. Some examples: "I was at the mall" or "I was in the mall" are both correct "I was on the table" is correct "I was on the mall" is incorrect, as is "I was in the table".

If you could be "inside" something, then you can use in. If you can be "at" something, but not within it - like at a table, at a party, at a place, then you can use at. On is for something that you can be literally on top of - such as on the road, or on the table.

It gets confusing, because you cannot be "at" or "on" a country, you can only be "in" it. Many times you cannot be "on" a place, such as a mall or store, but you can be "on" a lake or the plains.

When in doubt, you can only be in it if you can be inside of it, on when you can be on top of it physically, and at for everything else. You will gradually pick up when you can be "on" something and when you can be "at" something.

To use the lake example though, you could say "at the lake" or "on the lake" and either one makes sense!

Hope this helps a little!


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