"La réponse est simple."

Translation:The answer is simple.

October 30, 2017



I know I am old and have bad hearing, but I thought she said, "La reponse est faible", "The response is weak", not "simple"

October 30, 2017


It definitely does not come out very cleanly, but i do hear "simple". The vowel "in" (and other nasals) is usually tough to get for learners as it doesn't have an equivalent in English, and i wouldn't mistake it for the "è" in faible, so maybe there is something throwing you off. We can't be 100% sure we get the same audio though, i believe Duo sometimes uses several text-to-speech engines in parallel

November 1, 2017


What she says is more like "ximple"., starting by a fort consonant sound

I am old as well !

January 18, 2018


Does this have the wrong audio file attached?

December 8, 2017


Can réponse be used for the answer to a math problem.

February 23, 2018


"est simple" in the normal speed does not sound correct.

August 29, 2018
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