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Do you have pets? :3

I love animales! What about you? I have two cats, One is female and the other one is male. The female's fur is black, but her face is black and yellow, some people think she is ugly but for me she is the most beautiful cat I have ever seen. The male's fur is yellow, he is completely yellow jeje. And I have a dog, he is a pitbull, but don't worry he gets along with my cats. =)

October 30, 2017

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I love animals! How about you? I have two cats. One is a girl and the other is a boy. The girl's fur is black, but her face is black and tan. Some people think she's ugly, but to me, she's the most beautiful cat I've ever seen. The boy's fur is tan. He's completely blonde, lol. And I have a dog. He's a pit-bull, but don't worry, he gets along with my cats.


thanks =) Are you from USA?


Tengo un gato. Se llama Pedro.

Ayer, mi hermana, Petra, me dijo: No es mi Pedro.

Cuando escapa al vecindario, mi madre, Petunia, dice: No hay Pedro.

Pero es mi Pedro. A él, lo quiero mucho.

En las tinieblas, me dijo: Mucho susto.


what was that? jeje sorry I did not get it.


Hello! I love animals. I have one cat, your name is Green. She have sixteen years old. She is beatifull for me.


Hello! =) umm I think you are trying to say that HER NAME is Green, right? Remember that when we refer to woman, girl, we say HER okis... And I am happy that we share the same love for animals.


Yes, i have a two dogs, one chichuahua and one dalmata.


Remember that when we refer to ONLY ONE THING we use "A" for exmaple : -I have A DOG. -I have A computer. and when we refer to MORE THAN TWO THINGS WE USE THE NOUN IN PLURAL. for example; -I have TWO DOGS. -I have TWO COMPUTERS.

THANKS for writing I hope to continue helping you.


Hello @katherinef38. I don't have pets because I don't like to take them care. I think that you need time, love ,and a few money. However, My mon has two chikens, one cat, and fishes. What do you think ? I live with my mon (hahaha XD), so I have to take them care. However, I like to eat eggs that chikens put. The cat is a lazy animal because it is always sleeping. However, I love animals.


I think that is great! Even though you don't like to take care of them you do it jeje. I like chickens too :3 and I love cats.


Hello katherine! i have also three dogs! And one is pit bull! He has 3 months old. Where do you from?


That is great! I am from El Salvador, Where are you from??


I am from venezuela. do you speak spanish?

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    hey! i have a dog it is a beagle.. i love him! it is my son, my baby, my life.. and i understand u! i rescue a cat from the street.. and it was ugly but i loved him so much and i always saw it beautiful.. now it has a new home!


    hello i have a cat and it is a gray cat is naughty and eats a lot, is eight months old, sometimes i play with my cat i like to annoy him although sometimes he has scratched me by chance jajaj


    this post reminds me an older one mine, I have a husky called Draco. good luck!


    of course the one in the picture was my dog!!!...his name was bony....he died..=(

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