"I saw him disappearing into the night."

Translation:L-am văzut pe el dispărând în noapte.

October 30, 2017

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Despre Google Translate, "dispărând noaptea" este bine, doar Duolingo crede la altfel. Ce credeți?



I am inclined to side with Duolingo on this one:

  1. dispărând noaptea = disappearing at night
    This refers to the timeframe when the action occurs, i.e. at night.
  2. dispărând în noapte = disappearing into the night
    This can refer to the timeframe when the action occurs, BUT I perceive it more as a figure of speech that emphasizes disappearing into the darkness of the night. I perceive it like this in both languages, but I'm only a native speaker of Romanian.
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