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  5. "A farmer with corn"

"A farmer with corn"

Translation:Mkulima na mahindi

October 30, 2017



I think mahindi here can be taken in the same way you say maize. You can't differentiate whether it's singular maize or plural maize. Just like in the Malawian language Chichewa. "Chimanga" is for Maize. Whether singular or plural it's still "Chimanga".


Why does the 'na' become 'with' and not 'and'? Are they interchangeable depending on context?


If mahindi refers to plural corn then hindi refers to singular corn?


I don't think it's really used though ... and if it is, I don't know if it means a kernel of corn (mbegu ya mahindi) or an ear of corn (??? ... hindi?).

A lot of nouns with ma- are only ever used with ma-, whether the meaning is singular or plural.


Why isn't this Corn farmer?

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