"When is it cold in Korea?"

Translation:한국은 언제 춥습니까?

October 30, 2017



Should it be 언제 한국은 춥습니까?

October 30, 2017


It's correct both ways

September 11, 2018


Yes, the order confuses me too. Would it correct both ways?

January 24, 2018


That's how I put my answer and it said it was correct

March 19, 2018


how about "언제 한국에 춥슴니까?"???

May 31, 2018


This makes sense to me but maybe it's just an English speaker's bias. We'd more naturally say 'When is it cold in Boston?' than 'When is Boston cold?'. But maybe Koreans think differently ... what is awkward in English could be preferred in Korean? Hopefully Duo has a lot of native Korean speakers priming the system with correct answers in the background. It would be helpful for Duo to display that data ... they tell us one alternative answer ... maybe an ordered list of answers with the most natural (to Koreans) on the top would help us speak more naturally?

September 9, 2018


"언제 한국에 춥습니까?" 37 900 hits

"한국에 언제 춥습니까?" 36 700 hits

"언제 한국에 춥슴니까?" 172 hits

You have a typo: 습 not 슴.

March 23, 2019


it's not 한국에서 because it's not an action, right? so we are basically asking "when is Korea cold"

June 3, 2018
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