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  5. "생각하는 여자가 서 있어요."

"생각하는 여자가 있어요."

Translation:The thinking woman is standing.

October 30, 2017



Why isnt there a 고 after 서?


nevermind, i think it's because the verb is stative read the notes adding고 would be like being stood


You're right. I've seen this kind of sentence before in a Korean song lyrics.

"운명 앞에 서 있어"

Meaning: "Standing in front of fate"


Have a look at the "Tips and notes" of this lesson. For stative verbs, the casual form of the verb is used to form this structure.

아/어 있다

Now... to stand and to sit being stative verbs in Korean, that is a bit strange to me. But I guess we just have to accept these things.

The verbs might be more closely connected to "to be sitting" and "to be standing" then. Not sure...


Its stative in the sense that those verbs describe the state of the subject; they reflexively act and do not require another (direct) object.

Note that you can use the ~고 있다 formation, but the meaning shifts to "in the process of".


OK I can understand to the whole "stative verb conjugated differently from action verbs" ... but how do we recognize (what Korean considers) a stative verb? I mean, we know 'to be', 'to not be', ' to stand' - what about 'to sleep', 'to think', 'to twitch', 'to die'?


Just a small thought: "woman" and "lady" should be interchangeable.


The woman who is thinking, is standing....a more natural sentence.


The woman thinking is standing. -Incorrect again whuut? :O


Why isn't " The thinking woman is standing" accepted?


Why is "The standing woman is thinking." wrong?


That would be 서 있는 여자는 생각하고 있다. The same action though, technically different. Thank you :)


Why is "The woman thinking is standing" marked wrong?


(1) The woman thinking =

The woman who is thinking (momentary process) =

생각하고있는 여자

(2) The thinking woman =

The woman who thinks (personal attribute ~ a thinker) =

생각하는 여자


Got it. Thanks for explaining the difference!


The woman thinking is standing. Is correct technically.


not really....it's saying she is thinking and is used as an adjective because of the -하는 so it needs to go before woman. if it went after it makes it sound like she is doing two verbs and while technically correct it needs to be said as an adjective like it is in the sentence.


Duo, one phrase ago you told me she was sitting!!!!

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