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  5. "저는 집에서 영화를 봐요."

"저는 집에서 영화를 봐요."

Translation:I watch a movie at home.

October 30, 2017



"I watch a movie in the house" should be correct. Right?


I think that so. I've typed 'house' and I think it should have been accepted too!!


I should work. I did that. However it was wrong :/

[deactivated user]

    I know I'm probably dumb as all hell but I'm still having problems understanding why this is 저는 and not 제가 (I know it's not the topic of this lesson but that's the part I got wrong). I thought ~가 marks whoever's doing the action. The action is watching, I am doing the action so why is it ~는 still?


    I'd like to know too


    So from reading online, the sentence itself if focuses on watching a movie, not "I" so if the conversation was :

    A- "whose watching a movie" B- "i am..."

    You would use 가 but A- "what are you doing? " B- "Im watching a movie"

    Here the focus is on the action not you, so you use 는.

    That being said, without context there's no way to know where the sentence should be focused.

    My source: https://wiseinit.com/%EC%9D%80%EB%8A%94topic-marker-vs-%EC%9D%B4%EA%B0%80subject-marker-korean-grammar-vs-grammar-10/


    Netflix and chill


    Why is 집에서 and not 집에? I thought ~에서 is used for motion verbs, and 보다 doesn't look like one to me.


    I said "I watched the movie at home" why is this wrong?

    [deactivated user]

      I think it's because "watched" is past tense and would've been "봤어요". "봐요" is present tense.


      Because "watched" is in past tense.


      please tell me, why 집에서 and not 집에???

      and is there any differences between 보아다 and 보다?


      its 집에서 because movie is being watched /inside/ the house (에서 means /in/)


      Why is "I watch a movie at home" wrong?


      Can someone please explain me the 요 at the end of the sentence ?


      You would use 요 to make a sentence formal or if you were talking to someone older than you


      house / home any difference

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