"To nejsou malá zvířata."

Translation:Those are not small animals.

October 30, 2017

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I'm confused as to why "to" is being used as opposed to a form that agrees with mala zvirata, i.e. ta because it's neuter plural nominative. Could someone please explain this to me?


"To je" and "To jsou" are routinely used standard phrases which you'll see and hear all over the place. The first means "It is" and the second, "They (or those) are." Although I can't tell you why "to" is used for the plural, I CAN tell you that I've just learned to accept it! :-)


When we want to say "those are not women", will it has the same translation in Czech with "they are not women"? I'm still counfused about the presence of 'to' in some sentences.

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It can have the same translation. To... is possible for both.


Sad to lose a heart bc I forgot the y in they


Hello. I am trying to experiment with genders so i can learn the rules better. Can i say "to nejsou mali zvirata" if i was only referring to group if masculine animals? Dejuki moc


"Zvíře" (animal) is neuter, and needs to be matched with neuter adjectives, regardless of the gender of any particular animal in a group.


They aren't is a mistake? And they are not is true? Ok


"They aren't small animals" should be accepted, as Duo recognizes (most) contractions automatically and it tests fine in the system. Perhaps there was something else in your answer that Duo didn't like. It's always a good idea to use the Report button in a case like this, so that we can see your full answer.


Although my answer was accepted, I too used the contracted form and it was flagged as a typo. I reported.

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