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  5. "파이팅!"


Translation:Good luck!

October 30, 2017



I've always seen this written as 화이팅. Does this have a different meaning, or is it just another way of writing it?


Its written either way


It's just another way to write or say it, but the meaning is totally the same.


Go for it! You can do it! I lived in korea for 5 years and saw how it was used in sports tournaments and other contexts. good luck would have been one of the meanings but 'you can do it' or 'go for it' would have been closer to the feeling expressed


People say it to encourage others too, such as encouraging someone that's going to take a test or encouraging someone who's dreading to go to work LOL.


I think the 화이팅 version came via Japanese, whereas 파이팅 is the direct Konglish


You know, the funny thing is 파이팅 is Fighting!, but we don't use Fighting! in that way in English. ^^


I've seen some school sports teams use it as a chant (war cry, lol) before the game


This looks like Konglish for fighting.


It came from English. But a bit like 핸드폰 it's not actually used the same way by English speakers. Also, like 핸드폰 I'm pretty sure it came from English via Japanese. So it might be Kongjaplish. And I'm pretty sure it's not used for the normal sense of the English word "fighting" that are actually used by English speakers.


Fighting! wasn't right. I figured.


Is the spelling this or akin to hwaiting?

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