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BANGS rule

please, anyone ex[plain the BANGS rule of adjectives.

October 30, 2017



BANGS (beauty, age, number, goodness, size) is a rule of thumb for learning which adjectives go before a noun (instead of behind). So, for example, "vieux/vielle" goes before a noun because it's an "age" adjective, and so does "jeun/jeune".

Be careful with this when you get to more advanced adjectives though--although many common BANGS adjectives do go before a noun, it's not a rule for all of them and is really more a guideline for learners just getting used to common adjectives and the before- versus after-noun placement.

  • B is for beauty. Une belle femme — A beautiful woman
  • A is for age. Une jeune fille — A young girl
  • N is for number. Deux hommes — Two men This can also be for rank: Le premier mot — The first word
  • G is for good or bad. Un bon garçon — A good boy
  • S is for size. Un gros chat — A fat/large cat
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