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Just an idea, read on and see what you think:

Ever since it first appeared on my Android based tablet, I've been taking up the Weekend XP challenge. I've not always succeeded, but I've given it a go each weekend. It started off as 100XPs and last weekend I managed 200XPs. When the challenge first appeared, I simply hit the strengthen skills button on the main screen or strengthened any of the first five skills of the tree if I was pushed for time.

But more recently I thought I should make this challenge more interesting and possibly help to improve my fluency further:

Now I simply start at the first skill of the tree, which for Spanish is "Basics 1" and work my way up (or is it down?) the tree. Within each skill, I simply hit the Strengthen Skill button, get my 10XPs and then move on to the next skill. I don't always include the bonus skills as part of the challenge, so last weekend I worked my way from "Basics 1" all the way to "Verbs - Present 2".

It's quite interesting to do and amazing for example, how I now find the first five skills so easy to complete, that I don't even think about them and can clear them in a minute or two. But as I work my way through the skills, the difficulty does get harder.

I have also considered making the challenge even more interesting/challenging, by not permitting myself ANY mistakes. If I do make a mistake, I have to return to the start of the tree and restart my efforts. Therefore turning the Weekend XP Challenge into seeing how far I can climb the tree without making a single mistake...

I certainly enjoy using the XP challenge in this way and I hope that some of you might consider this for your weekend challenges too.

October 30, 2017



I really like that idea! It helps you learn while keeping your goal and using good discipline! When did you come up with this? I think its super clever! I might even try it sometime! :) I've never actually heard of the weekend xp challenge. Its never come up in my lessons.


Glad you liked the idea!

I came up with the idea a few weeks ago using it to achieve 150XPs in that particular instance. I don't know if the WEEKEND XP CHALLENGE is purely an Android thing or an A/B test thingy or what.

It is a really good idea, it's just a shame that they don't give 1XP for each of the 10XPs in the required goal, rather than just a flat rate of 10XPs no matter what the target is. So far I've achieved three of the targets set; 100XPs, 150XPs and 200XPs. Each time I've only been rewarded with 10XPs for my effort.


I think that this is a great idea! I certainly will try this out. I think that this Weekend XP challenge is only on the mobile app. Btw, did you hover on those words, which you haven't known?


I wouldn't deny "hovering" as we all need a little help from time to time. However, I am finding that for the majority of the lower skills, say the first fifteen for example, I generally don't need to hover at all. Which in my mind tells me that some of this stuff is actually sticking...


I like the weekend challenge, but so far it hasn't really hit the challenging threshold for me yet. I mean, i usually get over 1000 xp over weekend, so, 200? that's nothing. but I'm guessing in few weeks, it's gonna get there.


Whether or not 100XPs or 200XPs+ is challenging is really down to personal circumstances. I'm sure many would agree that working five days a week, doing household chores, visiting your friends and family (especially if you have children and grandchildren too) all eat away at your precious time.

Squeezing in time to achieve 200XPs has been surprisingly difficult for me personally, taking me at least three attempts before finally succeeding. Sometimes it's a real push just to get my 20XPs per day in...


Has anyone gotten more than a 250 xp challenge? I started at 100 xp which increased 50 xp every weekend but now it has stopped increasing at 250 xp.


I only received the 250XP target last weekend and I was too busy to do it. So I can't say. But hopefully I'll have plenty of time next weekend and see what happens after that...


Did it increase to 300 xp?


No I'm afraid not. I completed the challenge last night and it was still set to 250XPs.

As a little twist, I decided to start at my highest completed skill and work my way back down the tree. So after strengthening each skill, I found it got easier and easier as I worked my way down...

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