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Hopefully a possible book recommendation

So I've read in French Le Petite Prince, am halfway through the first Harry Potter book, and am looking for the next book I want to read. But after doing a fair amount of investigation, I have a few things I want the book to be and not be. Hopefully someone here has read enough where they can help me. Skip to the conclusion if you don't want to read the ramble.

Now that I'm reading Harry Potter, which I am enjoying, I also rather not spend as much time as I am, learning words more in the realm of fantasy ie words I will either never use or seldomly. I am leaving these words to memorize later (if that), but I still have to look them up and write them down, so the less the better. Therefore I'd like my next book to be comprised of often used words. So apparently that means no sci-fi, dystopian, fantacy, horror..... I do love these genres but not at this stage of my language learning.

Also I've heard that its best for the book to be as much as possible written in present tense. Most books are written in past tense so this is a hard consideration to comply with. It basically comes down to asking people who've read the books. If anyone knows of a way to tell what tense a book is written in, in general without having to ask someone, as an aside that would be great.

Now this next one is again a stipulation I rather not make because like with the genres listed above, I would rather be reading those along with classical literature. The problem with classical literature again as with these genres above, the vocabulary is not something I would be using regularly, in the case of classical literature, because its just no longer in use.

Considering how slowly I'll be reading this book, I would like a book that's somewhat hard to read. I mean if I'm going to be scrutinizing every sentence anyway I might as well do that while reading a book you need to dig into anyways. On top of the fact these early books I will be rereading a couple times at least, in text and audio formats.

Segueing off my last point, while I don't expect anyone to do any research for me, a book suggestion that happens to be a popular one would be preferred, only because the chances of it actually having a companion audiobook is higher.

Lastly, I've heard a good amount about how translations of books never get it right, puns and jokes aren't the same, they try to simplify things so vermilion becomes red and copious because a lot.... and going off of the Harry Potter book I'm reading, the few times I have to reference the English version I see things are just left out or said differently (I'm going to have to read the book in English also). So a book suggestion who's author is French and written in French would be best. Though I'm going to post this on the general forum also, because I'd like to consider other books to.

In conclusion, I would like to read a popular, modern, deep book written in present tense without the use of uncommon words (cauldron, tesseract, holodeck..) Any suggestions that meets as many of those requests would be great..... and if at all possible I could really enjoy a nice thriller/mystery/crime novel at the moment. Thanks in advance.

October 30, 2017



Louise Penny is a french canadian mystery/crime/thriller writer. I'm not far along to read a novel, so I don't know if they are present tense or deep, but you can get her books in English as well. I have no idea if there are french audio books. Sorry I couldn't be of more help!

Edit: You can read a preview of many of them on amazon though


Any help is appreciated. Thank you and I'll look into Louise Penny.


Check out some books by Guillaume Musso. He's very popular. You can read some extraits from his books on his website. See if his text is more to your liking.


I heard someone talk about him on youtube so I'm familiar. I'll have to see if any of his book appeal to me. Thank you


I read Harry Potter in French when I was 16 and didn't speak French very well, and honestly it's the best thing to read for a beginner or intermediate learner - especially if you already know the story from having read it in English. In all honesty, the list of fantasy specific words is pretty small, but the rest of the vocabulary you get is great. I've read it in english like 10 times, french twice and in italian, it's great for language immersion. If you're really against continuing with HP, I recommend something easy to read, like young adult fiction - the hunger games or something of this ilk. I would also suggest reading something you have already read in english so that you can still appreciate the story, it can be hard to follow sometimes if you're not completely fluent and this can be discouraging. Another tip, read with an ereader like a kindle or tablet if you can, I use mine when I read GoT in french as there is a lot of old fashioned language that I'm unfamiliar with, but i can jsut click on the word and get a translation without having to click off or use my phone to look up a word. Hope this is helpful!


I've been thinking of sticking to the Harry Potter series only because I'm definitely going to finish this book and once I do, I'll already know the words I rather not know, so it won't be a bother when they appear again because I won't have to spend time looking them up. I'm sure their will be new ones but minimal. Also if hopefully the translator is the same, his/her vocab will be the same which will further minimize the words I have to look up and I can enjoy the story more. I've never read the Harry Potter series and I'm one who thinks you should read new stories when learning a new language, you just need the english version also for when you get lost, which I have (the book). When I get to the end of this book, I'll decide, I'm also thinking of reading Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea. I've already found free text and audio versions in French online and I happen to have the english version from when I was a child. So if I choose that it'll be completely free and the book was originally written in French, the downside is it may have a good bit of language thats not used anymore. Hopefully my dictionary identifies it as archaic and I could just skip memorizing those words.

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