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  5. "내 친구는 춤에 관한 과학적인 질문이 있어요."

" 친구는 춤에 관한 과학적인 질문이 있어요."

Translation:My friend has a scientific question about the dance.

October 30, 2017

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extremely normal sentence


when you introduce them to kpop


Good luck to your friend then


Best possible response.


Can someone explain when to use 관한, 관해, and 관하여?


is the contraction of 하여.

관하다 is an adjective-like verb roughly meaning "to be about" or "to concern".

관해 is the form you'd use before verbs, e.g. 음식에 관해 생각하다 means "to think about food".

관한 is the verbal modifier form that goes before nouns, e.g. 음식에 관한 책 means "book about food".

관해/관한 can be replaced by 대해/대한


Why do some of the sentences in Duo's course use 하여 over 해? We rarely see that anywhere else. I think the only other time I saw it on Duolingo was 위하여 back when we were learning 위하다 and I was confused then too


If people really do talk this fast to me irl I'll never be able to understand


It's all about practice! And a voice like this sounds unnatural anyway. It's all jerky and fuzzy


Why is the word for science/scientific so similar to the word for about?


the listening is getting harder and im scaredddd sdfhknjl


my friend when I show them GFriend's and Seventeen's choreography


I'm dying to know the question


For the listening exercise, one of the word options is 과학. It is visually similar to 관한. I accidentally chose 과학 the first time.

I'm not complaining about it, but I am curious as to what others think. Do you think it's a good idea to have similar words to choose from, or is it unnecessary?

I'm on the fence. On one hand, maybe it's good to try to get you to pay better attention and to get you to think about the differences between the two words. On the other hand, it feels sort of like a little "trick" that isn't inherently helpful and could potentially just be a waste of time.

I wish someone would do a 과학적인 experiment testing the effectiveness of different word options :P

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