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Kanji in lessons

Greetings i would like to ask about the possibility for kanji teaching in the courses as well. Though i am sure not everyone may agree i think kanji is a bigger need than hiragana but of course hiragana is good for starting. Thank you all for your time.

October 30, 2017



They do teach it, but later in the course. Stick with the hiragana for now.


There are more than 40.000 kanjis.


The Jōyō kanji list (list of kanji for general use, like books, signs, and newspapers) only contains 2,136 kanji, so you don't really need to learn more than that.


They do teach kanji, though.


There're many kanji programs out there and they introduce kanjis in a more logical sequence and have mnemonics to help you to memorize them. Just pick one if you're interested in learning rather than depending on Duo for this because the scope is too big. Here's the list:

RTK (Heisig's Remembering the Kanji): it's a book and there's a free Anki deck somewhere on ankiweb.

KLC (Kodansha): also a book with an Anki deck.

KD (Kanjidamage): quite similar to KLC.

WK (Wanikani): it's a subscription program and some people swear by it. The first three levels are free for you to try. You'll learn about 6k words by the end of it.

Core 6K/10k: it's a community list with 10k of most frequently used words. You can google for the Anki deck.


I agree with the OP, the kanji taught in this course is not sufficient in my opinion. I tested in to Hobby 3, and tested out of the remaining skills individually, so maybe I missed something, but as far as I could tell the course only taught very basic kanji. I've forgotten 90% of the kanji I've ever learned, but I could easily read everything they used (just to emphasize how basic the kanji was). Obviously, Duolingo is not the place to go to learn advanced kanji, but there could/should be a lot more than what has been offered so far.

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