"Your coat is long."

Translation:Dein Mantel ist lang.

October 30, 2017

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It says coat, not jacket, but it wants you to translate to jacket, not coat.


What was the entire sentence that you typed?

Remember that Mantel is masculine so you need the form dein in front of it -- if you use deine Mantel, for example, with the feminine deine in front of it, that would be wrong.


"Deine" is used before feminine or plural nouns in the nominative and accusative case. "Mantel" is masculine (and in the nominative case here), so you have to use "dein". (Similar to how you can only say "der Mantel" and not "das Mantel" or "die Mantel")


The noun is Der Mantel so your would be dein. Deine appears for nouns with "Die"


Mantel is coat not jacket


Would "Ihr Mantel ist lang" mean the same thing but in a more polite/formal way?


I tried with "Ihr" Mantel and got an error suggesting to use "dein"


Do you have a screenshot?

Perhaps you made some other mistake in your sentence?

Or perhaps you misinterpreted a "correct -- and another option is:" message as an error?


Why not 'eure mantel'


Mantel is a noun and has to be capitalised

It's a masculine noun, so you would need euer Mantel for one coat belonging to several people at once.

eure would come before a feminine or plural noun, e.g. eure Mäntel "your coats".


I used "deine" and get error on word Mantel.


Yes -- the word Mantel is masculine, but deine is either feminine or plural, so the two words don't fit together.

You should have written dein Mantel.


So, do we ever qualify by saying "something is too long" as we do in English?


Sure -- "too long" would be zu lang.


Does the sein verb use the accusative or I should be using nominative with this verb?


sein has nominative on both sides.

Er ist mein Vater.


I used 'eure' instead of deine...its wrong...don't get why


I used 'eure' instead of deine...its wrong

Yes, those are both wrong, since Mantel is masculine.

So the ending -e on eure and deine is not appropriate -- those forms are used before feminine or plural nouns.

You need euer Mantel or dein Mantel here.


This should accept jacke, but it told me it was wrong previously and had ne use Mantel instead.


This should accept jacke

It does.

had ne use Mantel instead.

Then I'm guessing you used dein Jacke, as if Jacke were masculine or neuter instead of feminine.

Duolingo corrects from left to right, so since dein Jacke don't fit together but dein is part of the possible combination dein Mantel, it thinks you got the second word wrong rather than the first.

Jacke is feminine and so it would have to be deine Jacke.

That said, "coat" is generally best translated by Mantel.


Why its not accepting "deinen mantel"


Why its not accepting "deinen mantel"

Why do you think that should be accepted? Can you explain your reasoning?

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