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Duolingo Complete Tips and Notes

Hello, friends, I think the biggest disadvantage of the app version of Duo is the lack of integrated Tips and Notes. And I am sure that most of you, guys, feel the same, because I have already read some posts, commenting this matter. Here is what I propose: Let's put under this post in shareable format (links to GoogleDocs, GoogleDrive) the full texts of the notes. Anybody who has already finished a course can do that (just copy and paste the text in one file). A volunteer should warn the others that he starts writing a document for a selected language in order to avoid posting a similar text twice. I start preparing the document for German. Everybody is welcome, let's compose the biggest free DuoGrammar together ( :

October 30, 2017



Are you 100% sure that you own the copyright to use the material outside of DuoLingo and offer it on GoogleDrive for PDF download or something like that?
I do not think so!

Please ask the DuoLingo staff before doing so!!!


Copyright issues aside, people have been working on this before, so you might save yourself some trouble. Search the forum/Google for "Duolingo [language] tips pdf" and you might find similar "projects" e.g. http://duonotes.wikia.com/wiki/Duolingo_Tips_and_Notes_Wiki


Yes, but IMHO it will be more convenient if the information is organized in one place. For me the search tool is a bit too clumsy ; ) Here is how I think it should work. For example: You do Present tense skill in a language and read in the bus. You search in the file and read the appropriate text, referring to present tense. Sometimes there is Part 1, 2 etc. Then start the exercises.


I do not have copyright and do not claim to create something. No intentions to use it outside the community here. The best solution would be Duo to integrate the tips as an Intro in the lessons (see for example ChineseSkills etc). Many people want this, I read a lot of comments urging Duo to do that. I believe they need time for developing the app versions of the site. All I want is to share my experience with people who also learn here. More, I think text-editor format (docs, rtf etc) is better. The purpose of doing that is to be able to check the 'How to..' before emerge into exercises on your mobile device.


Now I need to finish a course so I can contribute.


This person produced three guides but appears to have stopped:

https://www.duolingo.com/comment/22993911 (Spanish, Italian, Dutch)

There is a script mentioned in the following post for extracting the text:

https://www.duolingo.com/comment/13038701 (haven't used myself, but looks interesting)

Edit: The script was written back in 2016, so might need tweaking to work on the new site.


I also wrote some before, but I guessed the topic is already in history ( : But they are in pdf. I believe that doc/docs etc open files are more appropriate, because everybody can delete or insert new added by the creators of the courses information.

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