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  5. "Ty dívky jsou vysoké."

"Ty dívky jsou vysoké."

Translation:Those girls are tall.

October 30, 2017



Is "dívky" plural of devće or dívka? And what is the difference between then?


plural of dívka, děvče has plural děvčata (neuter). Please search the forum for the differences, it was discussed many times and they are just in the style or formality, the meaning is the same.


Why was this downvoted?


People don't like to be told they should search for the solution first. Asking is so easy...

We are voluntees and we help for free because we enjoy it. But the enjoyment has its limits, we cannot do free private tutors. Also, the downvoting can demotivate the volunteers and that my cause no future answers any more...

Most often I give the link, this time I haven't. It is easy to find.


Some people may be limited to mobile and therefore unable to navigate the forum and get the answers outside of a given exercise?


I do most of my stuff on a mobile phone. That includes searching the forum by means accessible to everyone.


What version of the app do you have? I can't find the button, but it would definitely be a big help for me to be able to search the forum on the go :)


I use the web page in my mobile phone browser.


"Those are tall girls" was marked as wrong answer.


Ty dívky jsou vysoké. = 'Those girls are tall.'

'Those are tall girls.' = To jsou vysoké dívky.

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