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  5. "Čekáte na našeho medvěda?"

"Čekáte na našeho medvěda?"

Translation:Are you waiting for our bear?

October 30, 2017



What a great sentence! I look forward to bringing it into general conversation.


I actually enjoy reading some of the crazier sentences. Sometimes I even find them more useful than the normal ones, because I remember them more easily. (But then, I'm a bonehead, so Your Mileage May Vary...)


In Czech, I think this can have another meaning that makes more sense. "Čekáte na našeho medvěda" can also mean "Do you expect/are you expecting our bear?" Could I get clarification from one of the course developers?


'Expect' is better translated as očekávat.


I wrote "are you waiting on our bear?" and it said it was wrong... why?


added, we missed the non-standard "on" for this specific wording.


It's crazy. At first I was written : ARE you waiting for our bear. And it was wrong. At second I was written : DO you waiting for... It was wrong too. Who can understand that? I am not native English speaker.


"Are you waiting for our bear?" is the correct answer. I suggest double- and even triple- checking for typos and similar simple mistakes in the rejected sentences. If you cannot find any mistake, you can use the reporting button.

Unfortunately, the course of Czech is only available from English and expects a good level of English command. We can only suggest to train your English to get to a higher level.

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