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Do moderators have the power to leave 10+ downvotes?

I often see lingot and irrelevant posts downvoted to oblivion with vote counts going below -10. I figure there can't be that many people leaving downvotes at once, considering posts disappear from the thread at a total of -5. I figure this is the work of moderators, but I don't know if it's true or not.

Do moderators have the power to leave 10+ downvotes?

October 30, 2017



People can downvote things at the same time, resulting in more than -5 downvotes. I do not think Moderators do, because why would they just hide spam when they can delete it?

However, I know almost nothing about moderators and moderating.


You're correct. We just have the one up- or down-vote capability, like everyone else.

It's amazing how quickly some comments get up- or down-voted.


I'm aware of that, but I've seen posts that went from 0 votes to -13 in one refresh after they were created, so I figure something was going on.


I've seen that, too. Perhaps it's an admin ability - the posts I've seen it used on are posts that I'm downvoting already, posts that are pointless, offensive, or both.


Maybe we've got some "trolls for good" who are using their multiple accounts to downvote things that merit it.

Or maybe there just a lot of people like me who open a bunch of tabs at once and then look at them one by one (a habit acquired by virtue of not wanting to scroll through the discussion list multiple times).


I think that's just a coincidence: Many people see the post at the same time and downvote it, without knowing of the other people viewing and voting. As long as threads are very visible (among the first five to ten threads in the "New" tab), there is a high probability that many people will view them at once.


No, moderators just like all users can only give one up vote or one down vote.


You can unhide "hidden comments" with the link at the bottom of the discussion page.

You can down-vote previous down-voted comments, resulting in >-5 votes.


Hi everyone, I think I am one of few who understand what Omega Master means (correct me if I'm wrong). Omega Master saw that many people down-voted things at the same time, but the moderators didn't remove the discussion. So, "Do Moderators have the power to leave 10+ down-votes?" means that Omega Master was wondering whether moderators could choose to hide or not to hide a down-down-down-voted discussion. So, the discussion would still be visible. This has nothing to do with voting capability, or vote-power (capacity; how many down-votes a single moderator can make)

-French Byte

<pre> For my answer, probably not. Just a lot of people down-voted at the same time and the moderators did not hide it yet. Personally I think the discussions should hide automatically. It's possible with today's code; why not? </pre>

This work is completely FrenchByte's opinions. It is not copied, and is in his or her own words.

~Byte Crew


Whoa, where did the <pre> tags come in?


<pre> paragraph with indent, paragraph with indent </pre>

This will be italized


Nope, Duolingo auto-hides comments that have -3 votes and discussions that have -5 votes.


Oh, I see. So how can a comment with more than ten downvotes not be hidden?


FrenchByte, the only thing I can think of is a bug. When you find them, if you would consider submitting a bug report, that would be helpful, thanks!


I think the original poster is asking if moderators can leave a post with more than 10 downvotes unhidden.

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