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Teachers, Duolingo has a lot for you.

Howdy, language educators around the World! As you may already know, Duolingo is much more than just another language app on your students’ phones. There is a Duolingo community, Duolingo Bots, Duolingo Stories, etc.

This time we wanted to tell you something about the Duolingo Forums.

For some time now, HelpfulDuo has been creating posts dealing with topics that may be helpful for anyone learning Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese. There are grammar posts, vocabulary posts, language usage posts and even seasonal posts! We encourage you to have a look at them as they might be helpful for your classes or as self reference for your students.

Here is the link to the summary posts to each language where you can find a interesting list of topics we have covered:

We also recommend HelpfulDuo's posts for ESL teacher who are teaching English to Spanish, Portuguese and Japanese learners:

Tell us how it went! Have you used any of these posts in your lessons? How?

October 30, 2017



Will you be doing one for French in the future? Thanks


I will be doing Spanish L.O.L


It would be great if we could assign individual assignments to individual students instead of as a whole :)


I have looked at some of the Spanish and Portuguese posts—I think actually a lot of the ones for people learning English from these languages—and I found them helpful.


I am not a Teachers,but to all of the teachers out there, you guys are awesome.


Using posts is a great way to teach our students how to improve their pronunciation!


That's a pity that Duo speaking exercises are so bad!


im not a teacher but you guys ARE AWSOME!!!!!

¡No soy un profesor pero ustedes SON IMPRESIONANTES! Eu não sou um professor, mas vocês são incríveis !!!!!



Are you speaking Portuguese or Spanish?


Since the ã has a toothpaste on it, it's definitely not Spanish. I usually see the toothpaste on ñ like in El niño

[deactivated user]

    But, bot is so not really good. They are doing copy, browser the topic. They dislike very much topic, and the topic has no people can find, and some topic I can find because I read an other topic and find that topic. I wish forum does not have bot.


    Hey in our country, bot is really a disaster, users of Duolingo feel bored and nobody likes bot. People think bot is a bad hacker, I think that too. My friends share with me: Maybe they won't use Duolingo in the future, because the bot.

    [deactivated user]

      Yes, I agree. I think bot always mislead forum rules of duolingo, and are accepted by duolingo. Bots do weird things, and they can hack other people 's nicknames, and the forum rules say that hackers cannot be used. One person now is my friend, and he said: My nick has been hacked by bot-news-duo and don't mess with them, otherwise hacked. This is a link of him: https://www.duolingo.com/ThienAn095

      [deactivated user]


        Is duolingo dangorous


        No, anyone who is being mean or disrespectful is banned and their account is removed. The Duolingo website is also safe and secure.


        No, it is super educational and user friendly!


        Any korean classes here? I need a tutor for korean classes


        I'm native Korean, you can ask any questions if you want :)


        i use duolingo on my computer to learn french for school but i do not know how to get duolingo bots can you download then on to your computer or can you only get them on your phone ?


        Duolingo Bots is a feature built in the IOS (iPhone, iPod, or iPad) app - it is not available on Android or Web (Duolingo staff says they are trying, though)


        I would like to know how can duolingo help my students that are native Spanish speakers.


        Hello! Are your students who speak Spanish wanting to learn an additional language? You can setup a Duolingo classroom (www.schools.duolingo.com) and arrange that students who speak Spanish learn French, English, German, etc. Here's a link to a list of languages Duolingo offers to Spanish speakers currently: https://www.duolingo.com/courses/es


        Thank you again for this great app. My students love it. I introduced a new class to it today, and a student came up and asked me if he could do it for fun over the weekend. I said sure!


        That's so wonderful to hear! Sounds like a great way to earn extra credit. ;)


        What is access personal data? I don't understand how it do


        You should add a lot more languages


        thanks - Zibby.T1, how can i add other languages to my?


        What if you don’t speak Spanish, Portuguese, or Japanese?


        I would use weak English, but I am busy ha, ha, ha...


        I need email for contact Duolingo for help in Portuguese, please. It last a long time for change from one lesson for other, I dont like lost time. Then I need help.


        Hello, @NairRosade, thank you for writing in for help. Can you tell me a little bit more about the issue you're having? If lessons are slow to load it may be an internet connectivity issue. When possible, please take a screenshot of any issues you're having and submit them via a bug report.

        Here's a link that outlines how to report issues to Duolingo staff. https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us/sections/200864570-Reporting-Issues

        The Duolingo Help Center is also a great resource for finding support assistance. https://support.duolingo.com/hc/en-us


        Dear friends, when I started with Duolingo I wanted to learn German from English, then I found out there was the possibility of creating classes with Duolingo for schools. Since I am an English teacher I have created a class on Duolingo for schools but I am afraid I cannot manage it properly Might it be because my first registration was for German? I would be interested in giving stories assignements to my students but cannot manage. Could anybody help?


        I love this website! I am not so good at Spanish and this is helping me a lot! I really like all the things you can do! I love Duolingo sooooooooo much!


        Thanks. Will you be doing one for Italian in the future?


        Hello duolingo thank you and we all will definitely take a look at the links given(Spanish,Portuguese and Japanese teachers)


        Thanks for the information!


        Can you do an event like lunar day or Christmas or like something like that, it would inspire the children of what they are learning and knowing that this is the best app


        Hi I am learning a lot of languages


        Hi my name is Emine Believe me these things must be very difficult, I am not teaching yet but I know it is very, very difficult İ AM TURKİSH


        Hola, hello, bonjour


        I think German is easy than Spanish but It is interesting.........And one more think to share please put a comment if you are BTS just the reply yes or no


        Hello I would like to attend an Italian class as a student. If you can make me a member of the class. Can anyone help me.


        ban cho minh 18 vote nha


        ban cho minh 18 vote nha


        Thank you Duo. It is very nice of you. And also i haven't earned more than 10 lingots. please duo, if you are very kind, please can you spare me 20 lingots? and also i have a question. how can we make quizzes for students in Duolingo? that would be very helpful. and again, i'm Miss Rosetta Sparkle

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