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  5. "Snažíme se nestárnout?"

"Snažíme se nestárnout?"

Translation:Are we trying not to age?

October 30, 2017



In english it is also acceptable to say... Are we trying to not age?


Yes, it is acceptable. On the other hand, some people feel it is bad style to "split" the infinitive by inserting words between the "to" and the root verb.


Even so, I preferred 'Are we trying to not age?'. I am pleased Duo accepted. In both cases, not would get a verbal stress.


"Are we trying not to age" and "Shall we try not to age" have different meanings in English. Whether both are acceptable translations from the Czech original, I don't know. Maybe a native Czech speaker will address this in the future.


I answered "do we try not to age?". Should that also be accepted?


"Do we try to not age?" is also an accepted translation.


to me "do we try not to age" sounds unnatural English. "Shall we try not to age" is much better and should surely be accepted


In 'shall we try', shall indicates a non-indicative state - the subjunctive. I don't believe the present as we've learned it covers subjunctive or other non-indicative types of statements.

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