"kirine ābra"

Translation:the happy woman

October 30, 2017



Can't imagine this is said a lot in GoT, lol


I answered "the happy woman, a happy woman", and it said it was incorrect, but when I looked at "Correct solutions" It had: the happy woman, a happy woman! Please fix this!


I think what it means is that you can answer with either the happy woman, or a happy woman.


Still don't get the structure... Sometimes it's, the happy woman, other is the woman is happy


The sentence "The woman is happy" would be similiar to "ābra kirine issa". In this "language" I have learned that verbs (especially linking verbs) come after the predicate of the sentence. Similiar to how adjectives are moved when translating english to spanish, verbs are moved translating english to Valyrian

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