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What are your language goals? :)

Hello! Just thought it might be fun to post what language(s) we want to learn, perhaps why, and where we are on that!

I'm going to get to an intermediate level with Spanish (finish my tree, do the reverse, practice some) before looking seriously into another one. They say you can learn two at a time if you're rigorous with both, but I don't have enough time on my hands to do decent studying with both per day...

After that I think I will look into Swahili or Japanese. Japanese because I have personal ties to it/some people in Japan (same deal with friends in Germany, so I may look into that some more), and Swahili simply because I think it is a beautiful language.

I want to know at least two foreign languages, but if I've gotten to a comfortable point there and have time, why stop myself? Languages are beautiful and build bridges between people -- sky's the limit, you know? :)

Now tell me about you!

October 31, 2017



I want to reach 100% fluency, i.e. a bilingual level with Russian. I'm currently at C1, but of course if I read a particularly heady book I occasionally encounter words I don't know (easy enough to figure out what they mean from context, but all the same I want to MASTER this language).

Once I've achieved that (and minimized my accent) I plan on switching to Mandarin, though I may start early when the Duo course becomes available, only because it seems interesting and might come in handy one day with so much business in China.

My goal is three languages (counting my native language) absolutely mastered


Yes, I totally get wanting fluency level mastery. I don't think you can get too frustrated with encountering words you don't know, though -- it happens in even your native language, and being able to use context clues to figure it out is a great thing! It's how I started reading and writing stories very young (although I pronounced half the words wrong because I'd never heard them spoken, haha).

Chinese seems interesting, if complicated. When the Duo course is finished, I was also thinking of trying it. Most spoken language in the world and all... :)

Best of luck!


Missy, a couple of my friends have told me that mandarin grammar and conjugation are relatively uncomplicated. The writing is usually considered the harder part.

Can anyone answer: In Japanese, the writing is called Kanji. Is "kanji" a Japanese word or a Chinese word for those characters? I know both are derived from the Chinese characters. Is there a Chinese word to refer to them that is not "kanji"? Just wonder what might be the most appropriate way to refer to the characters in this context.


I don't know either of these languages but at some point looked this up (Wiktionary is amazing for this kind of thing). The characters used are the same (meaning, I think "Han characters"). In Chinese the pinyin is "hànzì." You can hear it pronounced here.


Thank you for answering my question piguy3! That link was useful too. The pronunciation is similar, but a little different. :)


Yeah you are right. The grammar of mandarin is not complicated because we don't have tense. I've heard from some of my friends they think one of the most complicated part is the 4 tones.


Fluent Russian, Latin, Catalan, and Italian.

In furtherance of this objective / for some fun along the way there are a few more Duo trees I'd like to get through. And 2/3 of a very nice Guaraní grammar text to read.


Thanks for asking!

I'd like to be fluent in all the languages I'm learning and to be able to contribute to future Duolingo courses. I'd also like to finish all my current trees and then try the reverse ones.

I'm learning Tokelau on a different site, but I'd like to get good enough that I could help start a course for it on Duolingo.

After I'm done all that, I'd like to go travel and maybe later down the road, start Swahili, I had tried it earlier this year, but it was too difficult to learn on my mobile device. Now that I'm using the desktop site, I think I might have a better chance at it.


Wow, so you're working on eight languages? That's insanely impressive, I wish you the best of luck! Talk about being a polyglot :)

I do agree that the PC version of Duo seems to count more on memory and learning than guessing the given words like the app, so I hope you have better luck with Swahili on there.

I'd never even heard of Tokelau -- it'd be awesome if you got a DL course started for it! GL! :D


Hi lil.lou, can you please refer me to the site you are learning Tokelau on! :)


For Japanese, my goal is currently just to reach level 15. If I"m still interested in continuing to review the course I'll set a new goal. If reviewing has become less enjoyable and more the feeling of a chore by that point, I'll let it sit for a while. I have no current use for it outside of fun.

For Spanish, I'd like to review the course once a year. That way, if there comes a time when I have regular need to use it, it won't be so hard for me to refresh my skills. I've already used it in some emergency situations in the past. So, it is a priority for me to review the basics at least once a year.

Most of my second language interactions happen in American Sign Language right now. So, it is more of a priority for me maintain and hopefully improve my skill level in that language.

I don't expect to ever be fluent in another language. I think it is beyond my capacity so long as I continue with the same life. If I moved to another country where another language was important for accessing resources and I interacted with people in that language every day, perhaps I would be able to become fluent. That is not my situation though and so I won't stress about failing to become fluent. I want to keep enjoying language exploration and succeeding at goals that are currently realistic for me. ^_^


I am ongoing in english.I prefer canadian centers to get more qualifications in english.I hope I can achieve level 25 in french.I hope to find myself comprehending french dialouges.With my lovely arabic ( native ),I think that is quiet sufficient.

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