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Lingot Glitch: Why It'll Be An Issue

I'm sure a lot of you have noticed the humongous lingot glitch recently. If not, here's a quick summary (correct any mistakes if I'm wrong in the comments): users are being awarded excessive (sometimes random?) lingots for upvotes, etc.

So anyway, this glitch can have an impact on all of us, starting with massive inflation. Unless Duolingo can find some way to take away all the lingots awarded, then a select population will be left with massive amounts of lingots. From there, Duolingo has a few options: take away everyone's lingots, resetting everyone to 0, or to some chosen number based on XP/ levels, or let everyone have their lingots but increase the prices of everything in the store.

If DL goes with the first option, then that's totally unfair to everyone who worked hard for their lingots.

If DL goes with the second, then that's unfair to people who did not benefit from the glitch.

Anyway, I'm still unsure about whether this is a glitch, or a hack, because I've seen a user bragging about how they "invented the glitch". Idk why you'd want to brag about being a hacker, or maybe they just meant they realized it quicker than anyone, but I really hope DL finds a way to fix this soon.

What are your thoughts on this issue? How do you think DL should resolve this. Or should they just ignore it? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Edit: Huh! My lingot counter just dropped to like 1567 then bumped back up to 2600. Wierd. But I don't seem to be getting lingots from the upvotes on this post, which is good.

Double Edit: Welp. Now I have 15600 lingots and nothing to do but hoard, hoard, hoard!

October 31, 2017



It’s not a glitch, it’s one (or maybe several) hackers who want to stir up drama.

The sooner Duolingo shuts it down the better. About half the posts today have been about this. Half. Not about languages or personal goals, but about worthless virtual currency.


Yep, I know. But I'd figure I'd switch it up with how it'll affect us all. I don't believe in the worth of lingots any more than you do.


Forget the lingots. If this is a hack, then it's a serious security issue. Duolingo should've shut down the forums the moment they became aware of the issue. The privacy and security of Duolingo users are the important things, not the lingots.


Evidence that this is a hack rather than a glitch? And why should we assume that shutting down the forums would protect anyone from hacking? My guess is that hackers (if any are involved in the problem) would go after the dispensing mechanism for lingots, rather than bothering to hack into multiple individual accounts.


A hack in the system does not mean a hack on your account. Hacking is not just what the news tries to scare you with. The majority of it is utterly harmless, like allowing a user to choose their own colour scheme. If there's a hack exploring lingots and if it's like the one last year, it will just be something like using a script to reload a page many times in a few seconds to farm more virtual currency. The word "hack" shouldn't cause automatic panic. Most likely teenagers thinking they're going to get into Anonymous.


Not that there's even all that much to spend them on though. A fairly cheap streak saver that you (ideally) wouldn't have to buy often, a 5 lingot wager... It's never been a very necessary currency and you've never needed it to enjoy Duo's features (which I really like personally).

In any case, if something happens I hope it isn't too bad (not too many lingots removed from accounts, store prices not raised too high). Everyone will be hurt by it in that case, in some way.

[deactivated user]



    There is no inflation because shop prices stay the same, and users can't trade anything with lingots.

    Why does it really matter if other people have more lingots? You can't see their lingots anyway, so it'f not like you're comparing.


    There actually is a way to see how much lingots other people have, but it's kinda long to describe and involves looking into the coding. The problem is that now everyone will be able to buy everything in the Lingot Store, which just renders the Lingot Store completely pointless.


    They should put stuff in the store first, then people might start using their lingots. Normally stores work by having things in them.


    I think that Duolingo should just stop the hack/glitch and leave everything else alone. That would not hurt anyone and everything would be just fine.


    I think that duolingo would have shut it down or deactivated it if they could have known who did it. I know a little about coding and knows that hacks usually comes with a shield of some sort.

    Anyway, I think duolingo definitely should deactivate hackers' accounts.

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