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Lingot Glitch: Why It'll Be An Issue

I'm sure a lot of you have noticed the humongous lingot glitch recently. If not, here's a quick summary (correct any mistakes if I'm wrong in the comments): users are being awarded excessive (sometimes random?) lingots for upvotes, etc.

So anyway, this glitch can have an impact on all of us, starting with massive inflation. Unless Duolingo can find some way to take away all the lingots awarded, then a select population will be left with massive amounts of lingots. From there, Duolingo has a few options: take away everyone's lingots, resetting everyone to 0, or to some chosen number based on XP/ levels, or let everyone have their lingots but increase the prices of everything in the store.

If DL goes with the first option, then that's totally unfair to everyone who worked hard for their lingots.

If DL goes with the second, then that's unfair to people who did not benefit from the glitch.

Anyway, I'm still unsure about whether this is a glitch, or a hack, because I've seen a user bragging about how they "invented the glitch". Idk why you'd want to brag about being a hacker, or maybe they just meant they realized it quicker than anyone, but I really hope DL finds a way to fix this soon.

What are your thoughts on this issue? How do you think DL should resolve this. Or should they just ignore it? Let me know what you think in the comments!

Edit: Huh! My lingot counter just dropped to like 1567 then bumped back up to 2600. Wierd. But I don't seem to be getting lingots from the upvotes on this post, which is good.

Double Edit: Welp. Now I have 15600 lingots and nothing to do but hoard, hoard, hoard!

October 31, 2017



Not that there's even all that much to spend them on though. A fairly cheap streak saver that you (ideally) wouldn't have to buy often, a 5 lingot wager... It's never been a very necessary currency and you've never needed it to enjoy Duo's features (which I really like personally).

In any case, if something happens I hope it isn't too bad (not too many lingots removed from accounts, store prices not raised too high). Everyone will be hurt by it in that case, in some way.

[deactivated user]



    I honestly don't get the five lingot wager.... You get five lingots for getting a week streak right??? but the wager costs five lingots, so you earn five lingots in total, which is the same as if you didn't buy the wager anyways, isn't it??

    Or am I misinformed about something??


    You get ten if you win the wager.


    Sort of. You get the five you spent back, plus five more.


    There is no inflation because shop prices stay the same, and users can't trade anything with lingots.

    Why does it really matter if other people have more lingots? You can't see their lingots anyway, so it'f not like you're comparing.


    There actually is a way to see how much lingots other people have, but it's kinda long to describe and involves looking into the coding. The problem is that now everyone will be able to buy everything in the Lingot Store, which just renders the Lingot Store completely pointless.


    They should put stuff in the store first, then people might start using their lingots. Normally stores work by having things in them.


    I think that Duolingo should just stop the hack/glitch and leave everything else alone. That would not hurt anyone and everything would be just fine.


    I think that duolingo would have shut it down or deactivated it if they could have known who did it. I know a little about coding and knows that hacks usually comes with a shield of some sort.

    Anyway, I think duolingo definitely should deactivate hackers' accounts.


    This might be related to the forum glitches today - new discussions/posts not posting, wrong language sentence discussions accessed from exercises, XP not awarded.

    Personally, these are more worrying to me that some members getting multiple lingots. There was a problem where the lingot counter on posts wasn't updating so people were repeatedly hitting the "give" button which resulted in high (10s-20s) lingot transfer...is this different?


    Interesting... I've only just got back into Duolingo again (as you can see by my mere six-day streak), so I haven't been keeping up with things... I also redownloaded the app (for a long time now I've just used the online version), and I noticed my lingot count was higher there? There's two different systems on the app and on the online version... For instance, here you can wager 5 lingots with the 7-day streak thing, but on the app (or at least with me), it's 50 lingots...

    I don't know. This is all very interesting, though. Thanks for the update.


    Mine is the same on the iOS app - with gems instead of lingots. The worst part is that they don't update each other - if I finish a lesson I gain 80 gems on the app, my online lingots don't change (I don't gain the 2 I normally would online), and vice versa. So I wonder if this will ever be changed so they work together!


    all lingots added by the glitch should be voided. my feelings are hurt like a four year old who got cheated out of halloween candy. It’s ridiculous to feel this disappointed-learning languages is what is important-but I am very demotivated at this moment. I must go pout, nurse my wounds, cry, “stupid duolingo!” and go to my edx language courses where they don’t suck me in with gamification.


    There has always been "a select population . . . with massive amounts of lingots." The "select" group of people who keep working away at one or more languages and can maintain a streak for a while rack up lingots like there's no tomorrow. I personally have 6799 (and I think that's without benefit of any unusual recent additions).

    Duolingo has been entirely aware of this for years and mostly has done nothing about it. A couple of years back, the admins did decide that we were collectively suffering from "lingot inflation" and ran an A/B test whereby a bunch of us did not get our usual one-lingot-for-every-ten-days bonus when our streak reached a multiple of ten. Evidently, the admins eventually decided that that did not accomplish whatever they were trying to accomplish, the test ended, and the bonuses resumed.

    My guess is that if there's some easy way to track who got how many excess lingots and to retrieve them, Duolingo will do so - but if it's impossible or unduly difficult to do so, they'll just leave things as is. And that will be fine, if perhaps not entirely fair. As we're all aware, lingots are essentially useless after the first hundred or so.


    I think it would be great if their was some more interesting stuff to buy in the store. I have 1028, and its not like their is a use for them now. Will there be? maybe, and I hope so.


    I think it's these kinds of requests that - in part - got us health and its accompanying health recharges. After all, they ARE something to buy with Duolingo virtual currency.


    I am not really requesting anything from anyone. And I don't consider that interesting; I guess you do.


    i didnt know about the glitch until now, but people should have enough integrity to not take advantage of the system just for virtual money that wont get you anywhere in real life. i hope dl finds a way to fix it


    I hope they get rid of it, but it hasn't happened to me. I only have 12 Lingots, and it hasn't gotten any higher.


    I think this is all a bit overblown.

    If DL goes with the second, then that's unfair to people who did not benefit from the glitch.

    I agree it'd be unfair if lingots actually meant anything once you've spent L30 on bonus skills, but they don't.


    But then there might be new users who haven't benefitted from the glitch who then would not be able to buy bonus skills.


    So if I realize my bank account has 10 thousand dollars more than it should, what's the right thing to do? Should I contact the bank, should I try to return what is not mine? I say return what is not rightfully yours. DL should take those lingots away from all of those who were "lucky" to get them. Then again I don't know if that's even possible.


    If I had extra lingots, I might be inclined to report them, too, out of an excess of honesty. [Not that it's exactly clear where one could report them and have someone who can do something actually pay attention.]

    That said, I think this is vanishingly tiny on the scale of Duolingo issues. Lingots just aren't that important in the general scheme of things. Even in the Duolingo scheme of things, anyone who sticks around will soon have more lingots than they know what to do with. If some people reach that point prematurely, it's not that big a deal.


    How is this 'glitch' functioning, exactly?


    I'm not exactly sure, there's been some debate on this post.


    Very weird, and there are actual reputable users reporting they now have tons of CURRENTLY worthless virtual currency.


    Forget the lingots. If this is a hack, then it's a serious security issue. Duolingo should've shut down the forums the moment they became aware of the issue. The privacy and security of Duolingo users are the important things, not the lingots.


    A hack in the system does not mean a hack on your account. Hacking is not just what the news tries to scare you with. The majority of it is utterly harmless, like allowing a user to choose their own colour scheme. If there's a hack exploring lingots and if it's like the one last year, it will just be something like using a script to reload a page many times in a few seconds to farm more virtual currency. The word "hack" shouldn't cause automatic panic. Most likely teenagers thinking they're going to get into Anonymous.


    Accounts do not have to get broken into for a security issue to exist. I didn't say users' accounts got broken into. People are manipulating a site's feature in a manner that wasn't intended. What other loopholes are they trying to explore? That's a security issue that requires a competent site maintainer's attention. Age and the news have nothing to do with it.


    no. you're wrong.


    Evidence that this is a hack rather than a glitch? And why should we assume that shutting down the forums would protect anyone from hacking? My guess is that hackers (if any are involved in the problem) would go after the dispensing mechanism for lingots, rather than bothering to hack into multiple individual accounts.


    There are hacking ways to obtain thousands of lingots in minutes. I have no idea how, or especially why, you would want to do it, but it can be done. My feeling, seeing the complete randomness of this phenomenon is that it’s being done by someone obviously not here to learn who just wants attention.

    It doesn’t require access to anyone’s account. People aren’t getting lingots dropped into their account - they are getting them delivered in the forum.


    Its kind of like someone robbing a bank, then throwing the money everywhere or leaving it in peoples mailboxes (if indeed this is what is happening). Though can only be used for like 4 things.


    It is not about shutting down the forums in and of itself. It is about fixing whatever is causing this issue.


    And shutting down the forums would help that how?


    For one thing, people might go do their trees instead of reading threads like this. Matter of fact, that's such a good idea that I think I'll go do it myself.


    My lingot count went from 25 to 350 randomly just now


    Maybe hackers just randomly give people lingots to get the attention of Duolingo Admins with the purpose of getting innocent accounts deactivated.


    what is the glitch? i mean, this was posted 3 months ago but duolingo might not have patched it. Plus, i want the lingottis as well.

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