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  5. "Who is this?"

"Who is this?"

Translation:Хто це?

October 31, 2017



I am getting thoroughly frustrated and fed up. There is NO feedback from whoever is running this programme. Like many others, my laptop does not have a Ukrainian language keyboard so have do I answer the questions using an English language keyboard? Tel me how to overcome this problem or I will lose interest and give all of this up.


Well you have many options aside of buying a laptop with Ukrainian keyboard:

  1. You can buy keyboard stickers https://www.google.com/search?q=buy+ukrainian+keyboard+stickers

  2. You can make them yourself using sellotape/scotch tape and acrylic paint (that's what I did since I use custom-made layout)

  3. You can use duolingo app on a smartphone where it's super easy to install any keyboard

  4. You can use online virtual on-screen keyboard https://www.google.com/search?q=online+ukrainian+keyboard

  5. Some operating systems have on-screen keyboards (primarily for touch screens) but it's possible to use them with touchpad/mouse as well

I hope this will help you not to give up on learning.


Thank you for all of your suggestions. I actually did try the virtual, on screen display, keyboard which comes with my Windows 7 OS. This works ok. In my previous lessons I had access to a keyboard icon at the bottom of my screen on which, when I tapped it, it gave me the whole Ukrainian words from which I could select which one I wanted, but that has now disappeared for some reason and I no longer have this keyboard icon, pity. Thanks again, I will not give up trying to improve my Ukrainian.


If you have Windows, your operating system should come with a Ukrainian language keyboard; however, you have to enable it. This is not a virtual keyboard. It simply maps your physical keyboard to a Ukrainian language layout. Once you've enabled another language, you can press ALT+SHIFT to switch between different keyboard languages. This is what I do. If you have trouble learning the keyboard layout for the Ukrainian keyboard, I recommend using the stickers that KuzmaS suggested.


I'm having the same problem.


You can donload ukranian keyboard


I do not have Ukrainian letters on my laptop so I do it as I hear or read it in English spelling


Does it literally mean who is he/ him and a different word for who is she and her?


це = it, so "who is it"


це= it, this, that


I'm so mad because i got it right, but i didn't put a question mark....


You can also add or remove spaces wherever you like. Enjoy :-)


Type "kho" for Xto. it wants the pronunciation or phonetics.


It used to accept that from me and now it does.t....also it is not accepting anything I have to say in the speaker and I know I am right!!


Would "Це хто" be correct?


Xto is easy, but how do you make the me?


It depends. This is me - Це я. In me - В мені. Above me - Наді мною. Behind me - Позаду мене. And so on...


I found out that if I type' tse' it takes it.


It used to take that from me but now it won't and it pushed me back a circle and I was on a 7day streak and I haven't missed a day since I started Streak now it says a 2 day streak???


I have spelled ukrainian using phonetical english letters and before now it worked just fine...also when I have to speak into the speaker and it is right the answer comes back as wrong!!!! I am going crazy!!!!!!


I know the how to write this answer and the answer to other questions on paper, but it is no use even trying without the ability to reproduce the Ukrainian alphabet with my keyboard.


Your operating system should support the Ukrainian alphabet; you just have to enable it


Do I need to download an Ukrainian alphabet on the computer? I am very frustrated. I put the Ukrainian letters on my keyboard and I am typing the correct letters.


Хто я?

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