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How do I start a discussion within a lesson if none already exists

I just ran across something in a lesson that I wanted to discuss but there was no discussion area linked to this one particular question in the drill. Can a user initiate a discussion within a lesson where no discussion yet exists? Also, I have recently been finding discussion areas within lessons that indicate that there is some discussion but upon opening the discussion area I find no content at all.

My question is about the word "species". It seems that in Spanish "specie" is singular and "species" is the plural. In English "species" is both the singular and the plural and "specie" refers to coins not critters. Is there a Spanish word that equates to the English word "specie"?

October 31, 2017



You mean there was no "Discuss" button? Or that there was no number next to the Discuss button? In the later case, just click it, and yours will simply be the first post. It will then go to the top of the Sentences tab in the relevant language forum. The only questions that don't have a Discuss botton, I think, are the ones with images, in which case, indeed, there's no discussion.

BTW, it's "una especie" (pl. "especies"); Spanish tongues can't even utter the sound of "sp" at the beginning of a word.

For "specie" (coins fashioned from precious metals, predominantly), looks like it's probably also "especie," but I'd wait for a duly informed native speaker. I also find "metálico," but that may be more general. I'll be curious to learn.


:-) great answer and thank you for explaining specie and especie


Thank you for explaining about species/specie. Also, the comment about words starting with "sp" sound, very interesting.

Upon clicking the "Discussion" button what was presented to me was a cartoon picture of a sign noting "Endangered Species". The only option open to me was to click a box reporting that the picture did not match the description. Weird! The picture was not anything that I was wanting to discuss and I saw no way to initiate or request that a proper discussion be started. The check box was the only thing in the Discussion area---no comments, no room for comments. :(


Yeah, the questions with pictures have neither a discussion option nor a full reporting interface.

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Hello! Both spanishdict and wordreference give 'monedas' as the translation to 'specie'. Spanishdict also gives 'metálico', mentioned by piguy3.

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