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Can 'Alles Klar' be used as an exclamation?

In German, 'Alles Klar' means 'All right', so could you use it as an exclamation? Ex: Alles Klar! Wir haben ein Tor Punkt! (All right! We scored a point!)

Or is it just an 'all is well' kinda phrase? Sorry if I explained it weird, I'm really not good at explaining stuff :P

October 31, 2017



You can use alles klar! As an exclamation but you won't hear it that often.
In your example (Wir haben ein Tor/Wir haben einen Punkt gemacht), you'd replace alles klar with jawoll or americanised "yeah", since it's more emotional. However, there are regional preferences, for sure and alles klar is not wrong.


Alles klar! means something like "Understood!", as in "It is clear to me what we have agreed on".

So you wouldn't use it in the context of cheering for a goal, nor as a phrase meaning "all is well".


When I was young (2,5 dekades ago or so), we said it for cheering our class mates when they scored against some other class at school (especially if we already scored a lot of goals). But maybe, today, it's old fashioned.


Alles klar is a versatile expression. The more you think about it, the more situations come in mind. Here are 2 more:

  • You can say it as an very informal greeting that replaces wie geht's and sometimes even "hi" ((na,) alles klar?)
  • You can say it if someone had an accident in order to ask if s/he is ok.


So a lot like English 'all right' then?


yes, they're very close expressions.


Sure you can use "Alles klar" as an exclamation, but note that klar is written with a small k, it is not a noun. By the way, there is a song by Falco called Der Kommissar, one line of the song text goes "Alles klar, Herr Kommissar?" (Is everything all right, Mr. commissar?)


Thanks, dude. I should probably get into the habit of capitalizing my nounds. :P


Gotta give a lingo just for the mention of Falco, when I saw the thread Der Kommisar was the first thing I thought of. :)


In modern speech "alles klar!" is often used in a specific kind of irony... A friend says something to you and you think its senseless? say "Aaaaaalles klar, man" :D


Cool, I will definitely use that :)

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