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"Zȳhe korzī qrīdrughagon azanto bēviltas."

Translation:The knight had to abandon his sword.

October 31, 2017



Why is knight in the genitive?


I'm not entirely sure if this is relevant, but according to the tips and notes, for subject to pre-verbal object, the pre-verbal nominal must be in the dative/genitive case. In this case, always the genitive. The dative is used when the following word begins with a vowel; the genitive is used otherwise. For example:

Azantys dāri rijas. "The knight praises the king." Dāri rijagon azanto bēvilza. "The knight must* praise the king." The last sentence might also be translated "The knight has to praise the king."

Hope that helps!


Was it not allowed to translate this as "it was for the knight to ... "

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