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Any goals for duolingo

My goals for duolingo is to become at least 55 percent fluent by january. im also trying to learn spanish but im not really commited. comment down below if you have any unrealistic or realistic goals. :)

October 31, 2017



My goal is to complete all the trees from English, Spanish and German, plus any reverse or ladder combination that arises from them.
I've only achieved it 2-3 times since I started here (there were just 5 basic languages back then)... fortunately, duo keeps throwing new owls at me when I'm about to get there :-)

My ultimate duo goal would be to complete a Finnish course, so I guess I'll be here for a while :-p


Saying I want Duolingo to rate my fluency as 55% by January is like saying I want Duolingo to rate my abs as 55%. Not only does Duolingo know as much about my fluency as it does about my physique, but giving a percentage to either one is meaningless. Okay, that's an unfair comparison. 55% abs clearly means I have a 3 1/3-pack, whereas no one knows what 55% fluency means.


As of now, I just started this crazy goal that I find very challenging which is to get 1000XP a day. I started yesterday, and was only able to make it halfway (because I had things to do and places to go, and I started later in the day). But today, I'm aiming to make it all the way! Some people might find this easy, and some might find it impossible, and to be honest, I use to feel like it was impossible. But now, I plan to make it possible! Its not as amazing as some of all of your guys' goals, but its something :)


TwentyOneDragons, that is an awesome goal. It might be crazy, that's only for you to say. It is 100 skills. Should take maybe an hour or two? One thought: You might want to set your official daily goal lower (in fact I hope you have) so that if you don't reach 1000 xp one day, you won't lose your streak. My daily goal is set at 1 xp and of course I do loads more.


Thanks!!! My goal is set to way lower, its only set to 50xp a day, which is what I always aimed for before I decided to try and go way higher. Its a challenge (especially since I have other schoolwork to worry about) but its so fun and it gives me motivation to keep moving forward :)


FYI: You can't setup the Official Daily Goal in the settings to anything higher than 50 XP.


I have several goals:

  • practicing every day in Spanish

  • practicing regularly in French and German

  • keeping skills mostly gold.

  • hanging in there, while hoping that a way of communicating with Duolingo friends returns.


ok goals.. hmm By the end of the year, i want to be, 100 percent fluent in Spanish, Over 50 percent fluent in Portuguese and yeah i guess


100 percent fluent isn't possible , 'cause 77 percent is maximum.


I've never seen 77 percent. I think the highest I've got is around 55%


Other people have gotten more than 60%, I've got 66% once.


well done! I'm moving slower then.


Hmmm. I want to finish my Spanish tree and then do the reverse, by let's say the end of the year. I still have a ways to go, and may not finish the reverse (it isn't as much of a concern for me though to be fair).

Then I want to do the Swahili tree, and the Japanese and German ones next. Ugh, so many beautiful languages to learn, so little time! :)


My goals for this year are: Finishing my Swedish, Guaraní and French trees, and maybe, I'll start learning Klingon when the course gets released.


I have an unrealistic one. Complete every tree from English.


It's only unrealistic if you say it is.


I guess that’s true. I’m about to finish Spanish. Probably going to do Greek or Hebrew next. Maybe Swahili idk.

It looks like your doing the same thing, right?


My goal is to be fluent in Korean by the end of next year. Maybe I can do it.


So my goals are: Finish my trees, and their reverse and ladder trees, , to be able to converse about general topics in my languages, especially in German and in Spanish, then to do at least 200 XP every day, except Sunday. Then to begin and finish the Swahili and Hindi courses.

My biggest goal or wish is to complete a Duolingo FINNISH course, even if by that time I had learnt Finnish.


I'd need a new brain to complete my unrealistic goals. Realistically speaking....I'd like to be passible with my Spanish ability. Good post....enjoy a Lingot.


the brain gets better, so you might not need a new one at all :-)


I´m now 47/66 in Italy and trying to keep everything golden and finish the tree before end of the year. There´s a lot of work in keeping everything golden.


to be 50% by next month

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