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Finished the tree for a second time!!!

Coucou tout le monde!! I have just finished the french tree for a second time!!! I feel proud because I finished it the first time almost two years ago, and I haven't practiced a lot since then, so I forgot a lot of stuff!! I'm proud of myself for being able to do it again!

So, I have finished French and Norwegian, and German is next!

I have about 36 skills left in the German tree, so hopefully I can finish it before the new year!!

October 31, 2017



That is true dedication :-)

How about your "reverse tree" French-English to further practice French writing (higher translation ration), which is more difficult, but much more effective learning a new language?

Do you know Camilo's user script "DuoLingo tree enhancer" to activate French audio on multiple-choice and right hand side translation answer / solutions?
It has several optimizations for reverse trees, like hiding pictures, hiding text, etc.


Hi Thomas, could you explain more about the "reverse tree" and how to use this as a next step once you have finished a tree?


The problem with "forward trees" like English-French, English-Spanish, English-Portuguese for learning Romance languages is on DuoLingo the bad translation ratio of the L1 source/base native language into the L2 target (learning) language: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/24799102

The DuoLingo staff thinks that this is easier to type in English (your native or 2nd language) and there won't be so many quitters.

To get more translation (writing) exercises on the web (typing = RECALLING), in the target language, which is more difficult (but more effective) for the learning process, you have therefore to switch the tree, e.g French-English, Portuguese-English.

If you want to finish the "reverse tree" a 2nd time after completition, you could further train audio (listening only, no reading) by disabling pictures and text with Camilo's user script. I probably would not do this for the 1st (reverse) tree completition (my Portuguese is not strong enough to miss the required parallel reading step) - but it is up to you guys.

If you do the reverse tree you must know: You have to turn the speaker OFF in your settings.


Once you finish your forward English-German tree, you could start a "laddering tree" German-French.

As German is the L1 base/source language and French is the L2 target language, you would be given more typing / writing translation exercises into German.

This ratio works like the German-English "reverse tree" (for an English native person or with higher 2nd language English skills).


Well done! Are you going to try to get to Level 25 in any of your languages?


Hopefully My top three at least (Norwegian, French and German)

I'd also like to get there in Hungarian, and maybe portuguese!

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