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Replies to comments don't show up in notifications?

Hello fellow Owl-lovers,

I have been experiencing this problem for quite a while now, where replies to comments are apparently not deemed worthy of notifications. It is only follows that show up now.

Has anyone else been experiencing this?


October 31, 2017



Hi. Among other problems, two notifications-related issues started after the forum maintanence:

  1. Users were no longer automatically subscribed to discussions they comment on. They’d need to remember to manually click on the Follow Discussion button.

  2. The bell notification stopped delivering replies made on one’s comment/post.

One or both issues are the reason behind notification failure, and both unfortunately haven’t been fixed yet.


thank you very much for this answer - I've accidentally lost so many interesting threads!


The same problem applies to notifications about answers to own topics.


Notifications haven't shown up for about a month now except, as you said, a new follower or when you go up a level and you receive a bunch of lingots. It's supposedly a bug that they're supposed to fix. There's not been any word from staff when they're going to fix this. I'm starting to think it's just another aspect they decided to take away from the website.


Also if you reach a certain streak you get a notification.


Every ten days on streak, you earn a small package of lingots, except when the streak is huge (1000 days = 100 lingots = not a small package)

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