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Why is the countdown running when marking exercises?

It used to be that the countdown stopped during timed practice while waiting for the server to get back. This has appeared to have changed. It's really frustrating when it takes 10 seconds to mark an exercise (especially when you know it's wrong).

Is this a bug or intentional? Can we please have it back how it was?

October 31, 2017



You need to wait for an updated version of the "DuoLessonsFix" user script.

"Timed practice" is not really usable as it is right now (I get about 1+, max. 4-6 questions right).


It's working fine for me , most of the time. When it reaches a point that it runs down all my time , I just take the points then close down the browser. After restarting ( possibly because of a new connection to the server) it works fine for me.

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