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  5. "오늘은 할머님의 생신이에요."

"오늘은 할머님의 생신이에요."

Translation:Today is Grandmother's birthday.

October 31, 2017



I wrote it is my grandmother's birthday today.


I keep seeing many people frustrated with this lesson. The truth is that because Korean has different honorfic levels, you really need a grammar book or another program to understand what Duolingo is trying to teach you. Many times with the Korean lessons, Duolingo does not give the context. It is helpful to remember the topic you are studying and use a book like 'Korean Grammar in Use' or another website like 'howtolearnkorean' I use to struggle a lot with this app, because this app is not at a point yet to fully explain the differences in people speaking. I think it's also helpful to ask questions and hope that others can give a good answer.


I think it doesn't accept "MY grandmother's birthday" because you can call any older woman you're close to 할머니. So it's not actually your grandmother you're talking about, if it were you'd have to specify that with using 제 for example.


I thought birthday was 생길?


생신 is the honorific word of 생일 and this is used when talking about a senior.

[deactivated user]

    it's grandma's birthday today


    What's the difference between 할머님 and 할머니 or 할아버지 and 할아버님?


    Only politeness. 할머님 is polite for 할머니, 할아버님 is polite for 할아버지. There are other polite titles with -님 as well; 누님, 형님, 아버님, 어머님, 교수님, 선생님 etc.


    Why is it 오늘은 instead of 오늘?


    It's grandmothers birthday today means the same thing fgs


    So... I wrote "Today is my grandmother's birthday" and it says I have a typo and it should be "Today is Gr&mother's birthday".... come on, Duo you should do better than this...


    Today's grandma's birthday is not accepted

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