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What is the shortest amount of time to learn a new language on Duolingo as a beginner.

October 31, 2017



Well....In my case it will be the rest of my life! Haha. Your question will be different for each reader.


What do you mean learn? Like to being fluent? Duolingo is not capable of that.


I totally agree I don't know if they meant completing the course or becoming fluent but Duolingo will not get you anywhere close to being fluent.


depends on you, or who ever is learning


I started with my English-Portuguese tree from scratch on the website (fully typing, instead of app tapping).

I would say +- 1 year to get through the (forward) tree, WITHOUT rushing, random skill reviews and using Memrise in parallel to pre-/re-learn vocabulary (tests on RECALL with typing into the L2 target language from L1 English).
It would not wonder me, if 2-3 years have easily passed, and a learner has not completed his forward or reverse tree.

Not ALL skills will be golden in my tree, and I can probably re-strengthen and re-practice a lot of grammar / tense skills the next 3-6 months.

There seem to be bugs on the new Scala web portal that e.g for grammar skills they are losing their five strength, even if was just 1-3 days ago you strengthened them (on the web). So I do not expect that I can keep 69 skills all-golden, no matter how often I practice.

With my DuoLingo tree (and reviewing randomly) I started PT on Mondly and also did the Memrise PT BR Basic and offical 1-7 courses in parallel, where:

  • PT BR Basic (user course by Memrise leader) is completed (a great mix)
  • offical PT 1-5 are completed
  • offical PT 6 is half way finished
  • offical PT 7 was NOT started (as I re-focused again pushing forward with DuoLingo grammar skills).

I have to admit it:
Somehow I seem to get tired of "fully typing" longer phrases/sentences for the Memrise PT courses (like DuoLingo), so getting back to offical/standard multiple-choice Memrise code might be better, if you can review these courses on a daily/weekly/monthly basis.

But we all know, that you do not learn that much with multiple-choice tests, don't we?

There will be a BIG difference about REMEMBERING vs RECALLING...or just the false habit eliminating the "wrong answer options".
DuoLingo is a great example for this, where two options are most of the time "that damn" wrong, that you can easily guess the right answer option!

So using Cooljingles "all typing" user script to hack the Memrise code REALLY tests me on being able to correctly RECALL, before I push the spaced repetitions intervals forward for words/phrases/sentences I answered correctly (FALSE POSITIVES).

For the moment I seem to have paused these courses without reviewing them regulary...so the "forgetting curve" will probably hit me hard and I will probably have to re-learn a lot once I review the full course/all vocabulary.
After a recent Memrise code update Cooljingle's great user script "Memrise Catch Up Review" is not working anymore, that I could review my backlog words "out of interval" and skipping some intervals.

I have hope to get back on track as I have (almost) finished my DuoLingo forward tree.
The "DuoLingo Portuguese BR" course on Memrise is the only one which I used daily/weekly.

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