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  5. "On tam někde bydlí."

"On tam někde bydlí."

Translation:He lives somewhere there.

October 31, 2017



In the English be "somewhere over there"? Not sure it makes sense to translate as "somewhere there".


I agree with AaronDean15. At least in American English, I cannot say I've ever heard a native speaker use "somewhere there" in any context. As far as I know, it always comes with a qualifier--"somewhere over there," "somewhere near there," etc. This is because "somewhere" is itself a place, and it's redundant to say "somewhere there" unless you use some preposition to be more specific about the location. Otherwise "there" adds no value to the sentence.

It may be that there is just no direct translation here, but I'd argue the best translation would be, "He lives there, somewhere," in this order.


I agree with AaronDean15. As a native speaker of American English, "somewhere there" isn't a phrase used. As PritelBobka stated, there's always a qualifier used.

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