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Finished the tree but now "test out" is gone

I finished the tree without testing out but I liked the feature and planned to use it to practice after finishing the tree. It's gone from the app. Can we not use the test out functionality to practice and keep the tree gold?

October 31, 2017


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Unfortunately, DL folks did not see the value of having multiple levels of reviews. I do agree with you that it would have been very useful to have implemented/kept a feature like 'test out' AFTER the tree is finished as well as before!


"Test out" only applies if you have unfinished skills, since it lets you test out of doing all of the lessons. Since the tree is done, there is now nothing to test out of. You can reset the tree, or you can just go back down through it/make the skills that need to be practiced golden.


Oh, I didn't know you could reset the tree. That's something right there. I know why the test out exists but the functionality shouldn't be lost just because the tree has been completed. They should just rename it.


The reason it disappears is because you practice multiple skills once the tree is complete whereas they are curtailed to your "learned" lessons when your account is new. This account is different from my main one where j'ai un niveau de 25 en français. I have been away from the course for quite some time therefore I am going through the tree again from scratch in this different account. It's a good way to do it if you don't want to wipe out your score in your main account.

Bonne chance !

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