An Impossible Translation

Explain this one:

Just to be absolutely clear, I'm learning German from English....

[Edit] Image links updated as per Arachnje's instructions. Apologies to anyone confused by lack/duplication of images.

October 31, 2017


And the answer was:

October 31, 2017

That must be Italian from the south of Germany, which was occupied by the Romans some 1800 years ago ;-)

October 31, 2017


October 31, 2017

And again:

All the picture questions have the same problem. The text only questions are fine.

October 31, 2017

That is ridiculous, I have never seen anything like this!

November 2, 2017

Me neither, and I'm also learning German from English. ;-) Guess it's fixed?!

June 6, 2019

Maybe could you provide a screenshot? Thanks.

October 31, 2017

There are three in this discussion - can you not see them? They show up on my PC. I have had to use "imgur" within the [] brackets to get them to display.

Here are the three links in the format recommended in other posts:

First one:

Second one:

Third one:

Let me know if you can see these :o) because I can't!!!

[Edit] URLs updated after Arachnje's help

October 31, 2017

The images are visible only when I click on them and open in a new tab, and it's because you seem to have used the wrong URL. To display them correctly, don't use the link provided by imgur. Instead, right-click on the image itself, then choose "copy image address". The correct URL format should start with (https://i.imgur....)

October 31, 2017

Thank you!!! I'll fix them Done! fab. I just have to add "i." at the beginning and ".jpg" at the end.

October 31, 2017

[deactivated user]

    Your help is always awesome... you are truly one of the most helpful people around, and because I'm feeling generous I will give you a lingot.

    You should drop by sometime so that we could have a coffee.

    April 15, 2019
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