"Are you asking your daughter?"

Translation:Ptáte se svojí dcery?

October 31, 2017

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This course is really confusing. I have answered Ptáš tvou dcery? The course suggest that the right answer is Zveš tvou dceru? and in the discussion the meaning is Ptáte se svojí dcery? Can you please clarify which one is the one to use and why mine is not right?

Thank you


"Ptáš tvou dcery"- This is incorrect for two small reasons. You need the "se" after "ptáš" since it is a reflexive verb, and you used the accusative "tvou" instead of the genitive "tvé/tvojí". You could have also used "své/svojí" in this case, hence the discussion's translation.

"Zveš tvou dceru" - The verb zveš, from zvát, means something more like "to invite". So the suggestion makes some sense, perhaps in a context like asking your daughter to join you over the holidays.

Keep your chin up! This is definitely one of the tougher Duolingo courses I've tried. But I bet after enough practice, all the endings and quirks will eventually become second nature.


Would “Ptáte se Tvoji dcery” be ok I tried it and it suggested svoji instead.


You cannot mix using the "ty" informal addressing of people (and hence the tvůj/tvá/tvé") and second person plural verbs (ptáte). It must be either:

Ptáte se své/svojí dcery? (better) / Ptáte se vaší dcery? (acceptable)

Ptáš se [své/svojí/tvé] dcery?

It is even possible to have

Ptáš se vaší dcery?

but there plural vaší is not the formal addressing, it is a real plural (the daughter of you two).


Thank you, this clears up a lot

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