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  5. i finally reached level 10


i finally reached level 10

im so happy it was so hard to make get this far and i finally did it i started in the summer and I'm already on level 10 it took a lot of hard work but i did it

October 31, 2017



Congrats have a nice day. I would give a lingot but I have none


thank you all for the incuragment


what a great achievement- have a lingot to celebrate x


You're doing great, Keep up the good work!!!!


Way to go! Here's some lingots to make it an even 10 :)



Usually people here on DuoLingo announce their 90-100/365/500/666/1000++ etc. day streak - not levels :-)

How come that you have started learning Spanish? Do you enjoy it? Do you use Memrise or any other flashcard software with a proper spaced repetition algorithm in parallel?

Are you aware of Camilo's user script "DuoLingo tree enhancer" (for the web) to activate Spanish audio for multiple-choice and right hand side Spanish translation answers?

Have you tried the 100 days course www.50languages.com as well? It has native recorded MP3! Also available on Android!

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