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Recently, I have really been interested in spending a year or so teaching English in Korea after I graduate. I was wondering if anyone on here had any experience with the TaLK program or other similar programs? Also, do any of you have experiences teaching English abroad that you would be willing to share?

Thank you! :)

10/31/2017, 4:24:22 PM


Hey, I did something like that. I taught English in China. It was an amazing experience because the people there taught me Chinese in return. It was amazing because of the interactions.

10/31/2017, 4:29:46 PM

i was helping a class with english in CostaRica thats why I'm learning spanish so i can understand them better

10/31/2017, 4:49:36 PM

I thought you were like 10???

10/31/2017, 5:31:08 PM

I teach a Spanish group English I'm originally from Mexican culture but grew up in United States so I know English too.

10/31/2017, 7:06:10 PM

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11/1/2017, 4:18:32 PM

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11/1/2017, 4:20:20 PM

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11/1/2017, 4:20:46 PM

I'm really just 11

11/1/2017, 4:21:19 PM
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