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Nepali resources?

I recently became very good friends with some Nepalese people at work and became very motivated to learn the language to better communicate with them. I had never even thought about it before since it didn't seem very common but it turns out a lot of people, especially where I work, speak it. However I have found almost no resources, only 3 apps for basic phrases.

So I was wondering if anyone else here is learning Nepali and could direct me towards some resources, I would be very thankful :)

October 31, 2017



Try "Ling" - https://ling-app.com/, the app has a Nepali course. I just start learning and I can say that I love this website! If you want to learn Nepali or other languages (Ling has 50+ languages), you should try it. Ling has both web version and app version. I think it is a very nice app to learn new languages!


There are some Nepali sources here. Have fun!


Thanks! I like that the memrise course doesn't use the alphabet because that will take me a while to learn


I don't think learning a language without its alphabet is a good idea. Most sounds cannot be approximated using English letters, and you get reading practice by learning the language in its native script.


Oh I am definitely going to learn it, I have already been looking at it, but I would like to know a few basic phrases as fast as possible and learning the alphabet will take me a few days although I understand that you can't learn a whole lot without the alphabet


It might depend on the course - some might teach the alphabet.

Edit: I just checked and most use romanisation, but some don't: https://www.memrise.com/course/232153/nepali-in-context-unit-2-getting-around/


Would love to see Nepali added


i am a nepali if any help needed i am here for you ..

eu sou nepalês se alguma ajuda necessária eu estou aqui para você


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