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  5. I reached level 5!


I reached level 5!

I finally reached level 5! I have one of the slowest laptops so this took forever to do.

October 31, 2017



that's so awesome! Congrats!!


Someone gave me a lingot? Thank you it is greatly appreciated


congratulations nice I'm so happy for you yay


well done definitely worth a lingot to celebrate!


eso es maravilloso!



Usually people here on DuoLingo announce their 90-100/365/500/666/1000++ etc. day streak - not levels :-)
You are the 2nd user - besides kenethfors - doing this.

How come that you have started learning Spanish? Do you enjoy it? Do you use Memrise or any other flashcard software with a proper spaced repetition algorithm in parallel?

Are you aware of Camilo's user script "DuoLingo tree enhancer" (for the web) to activate Spanish audio for multiple-choice and right hand side Spanish translation answers?

Have you tried the 100 days course www.50languages.com as well? It has native recorded MP3! Also available on Android!


What laptop do you have?


Buen trabajo senorjams!

Don't worry about how fast anyone else goes. (though, I have indeed used a slow computer to do some Duolingo before. And yeah, it can be quite challenging.) We each go at our own pace. Some people are here to get through as many courses as fast as they can and are not concerned about retention. Other people are just really fast at absorbing languages. Some go at the pace of a turtle (a slow one. Some turtles are very fast though so watch out for them! O.O) I went through the Japanese course in 33 days. But, some will retain it for much longer than I will. :)

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