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  5. "선생님이 없기 때문에 일찍 집에 갈 수 있어요."

"선생님이 없기 때문에 일찍 집에 있어요."

Translation:We can go home early because there is no teacher.

October 31, 2017



Can this also be used as "I can go home early because there is no teacher" or is it clear that the subject is we


Yes and no.

Yes you can use "I" instead of "we".

No, it's not clear because this is a sentence without context. Given more context, you would know which pronoun was correct.


Could someone please explain 없기?


The grammatical expression for "Because of -" is "-기 때문에."

Conjugation —

• 먹다 - to eat

먹+기 때문에 = 먹기 때문에 = Because of eating.

•잡다 - to catch

잡+기 때문에 = 잡기 때문에 = Because of catching.

There is no teacher = 선생님이 없다.

Because there is no teacher = 선생님이 없기 때문에.


Thank you for thisǃ Can you comment on another sentence in this lesson?

그것 때문에 남자가 죽었습니다 = The man died because of that

Is the -기 optional? Or only used with verbs?


"if the teacher doesn't show up in 15 minutes we are legally allowed to leave"


Wouldn't we say: We can go home early because the teacher didn't show up. ? OR, We can go home early because the teacher isn't there. ?


First one, I would say no because not showing up is like saying the teacher didn't come, which is a different verb (선생님이 오지 않았기 때문에 ...).

Second one is OK but the current Duolingo translation is the most accurate.


Is it okay to remove 우리는?


Yes, the word 우리 is implied in this sentence. More often than not the subject is dropped from sentences because it's obvious who you are referring to.


"There is no teacher so we can go home early"

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