Having trouble pronouncing Uit in Dutch

Hi! Can Dutchess 722 (Carina) or anyone please help me with my pronunciation of the uit sound in Dutch? I've studied several languages and this one REALLY stumps me. Any suggestions? I'm a native English speaker but have also studied, Thai, Hindi, and Spanish (my best) Thanks! Shawn Herman

October 31, 2017

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You can find some examples of the ui sound here:

Just keep on listening to Dutch, try to distinguish the different words and sounds, you will improve. Just hang in there!

If you have issues pronouncing it yourself, the above advice still counts, and you can also watch people speak Dutch and try to copy their facial movements (probably better suited for watching youtube clips at home than playbacking in the street) :)

This probably is a useful video for you:

November 16, 2017
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